Owner David Strong has been involved in creative drawing and art since high school, eventually studying Architecture at the University of Oregon.  After discovering the exciting and creative possibilities in the Sign business, he apprenticed in Oakland, CA with the well known and established Sign Artist John Anderson, who, among other accomplishments, was the original artist to design and  paint the “60’s era Album Covers for the San Francisco based Tower Records store on Columbus Ave.

Since beginning his business in the early 80’s, David has always strived to achieve the highest quality in his signs and to develop individual creative solutions for his clientele.  Using time-tested methods and utilizing modern technology and the best in materials available, David has always strived for the highest quality sign; not only for the “Price is no object” client, but for the budget minded as well.

In addition to meeting locally with our clients; we are also able to consult/design and fabricate our signs for shipping anywhere in the world.

sandcarved HDU sign
Sandcarved HDU sign.